CCI Small Pistol Primers 4,000 Counts

(6 customer reviews)


Brand: CCI

Number of counts: 4,000 counts

Type: Small rifle primers



6 reviews for CCI Small Pistol Primers 4,000 Counts

  1. jerryzarate56

    No problems so far with these

  2. diego11828

    These are the only primers I use, I have used Winchester before and had some firing issues with them. So since then, I only stick to CCI primers.

  3. aclr

    These are incredibly reliable primers in both the loads I reload with small rifle primers. They are used in a variety of rifles that vary greatly in age. Have never had a light strike FTF while using these.

  4. pragitya.vazza

    These are great primers. If you loading with APS system from RCBS they are great. If you just loading with normal tube loader they are great as well.

  5. huntergirlmw

    I have used CCI primers for decades. They are my preferred primer for all of my reloading.

  6. nina

    Good product, consistent ignition and very small lot to lot variations.

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