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I had bought about 500 rounds of .40S&W and one .30Cal ammo can. Everything went smoothly as expected and I had my items checked out and ready. They seem to have a better stock of ammo than most sites as well fair pricing for the most part.

My one gripe with the entire thing, was simply shipping. I had ordered my ammo, on June 21st. However, it did not actually get shipped to me, until July 1st. Which I can understand to a degree, as it only took 3 days to finally reach me. Especially way earlier than expected in the day, so I will give credit where credit is due.

I plan on buying from them again, as I mentioned above. They seem to have more stock than most sites currently, as well without break neck prices. Just bear in mind, shipping it out will take awhile. While the actual delivery part is rather quick.